Reading Recovery

What is Reading Recovery?
Reading Recovery is an early intervention designed to reduce literacy problems in any education system. The specially designed series of lessons, individually planned and delivered, provides intensive help for children who fail to make sufficient progress in reading and writing after one year in school.

The goal of Reading Recovery is to enable the lowest achieving children to return to working with the average band in their classes and to continue to progress successfully.

How does a school become involved in Reading Recovery?
Reading Recovery is delivered by teachers trained on a year-long Inservice basis to administer a series of tests, analyse these tests to find a starting point and then design the 30 minute daily lessons according to the needs of each child.

How successful is Reading Recovery generally?

Each year, data is collected from each school and centre, using before and after test results. The overall success rate for Republic of Ireland stands at 93%.

Múinteoirí Brian and Anne are both skilled reading recovery teachers. They have seen dozens of children flourish under their tutorage. 

We are delighted to continue with this programme for the coming years with Múinteoir Gary beginning training this year.

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