Love Of Literacy (LOL)

We love literacy in St. Ultan’s! Literacy involves speaking, listening, reading and writing. We have lots of exciting new projects happening around the school to improve our literacy.

We use strategies to help us better understand the stories, poems and novels as we read. We call these ‘Comprehension Strategies.’
There are 12 comprehension strategies:
• Predicting
• Connecting
• Comparing
• Inferring
• Synthesising
• Creating Images
• Self-questioning
• Skimming
• Scanning
• Determining Importance
• Summarising and paraphrasing

Each month, we introduce a new comprehension strategy. Have you asked your child which strategy they are doing this month?

Doodle Den
Doodle Den is an exciting afterschool club that is being run by St. Ultan’s Primary School and Care Project and is offered to Senior Infants and First Class. Doodle Den teaches literacy through fun activities, such as, games, art, drama and P.E.
Parents play a huge part in the success of this club. Family trips to the library are encouraged.
Have your family visited the newly refurbished Ballyfermot Library?

St. Ultan’s Young Authors

In St.Ultans we love to share stories with our grandparents. Seán Murphy in Múinteoir Seán’s class wrote a story with his Granda Mick. It’s a super read. Have a look and see! 

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The Lost Horse

Written by Seán Murphy (Age 6) and his Granda Mick

One day me and my granda and my dog Bella, we past a field. We seen a man counting his horses. When he was done counting the horses he looked very worryed. Granda called and asked if there was anything wrong. The man said he lost one of his horses. Me and my granda said we will help you look for your horse. The man was very very happy and said thank you. It was a very big field so granda and me went down to where the trees where. When we got to the trees we heard a noise.When we went to see what it was we found a little horse eating grass. We took him back to the man and he was very happy.

The end.

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