Special Education Programs



Maths Recovery1

Múinteoir Aine is currently training as a Maths Recovery teacher. We wish her the best of luck with the course and we look forward to using it in the classrooms.






Reading Recovery

Múinteoir Sarah Heard will be our new Reading Recovery teacher. She will be starting Reading Recovery next term. We wish her the best of luck.







Several teachers and SNAs have been trained up the Talkboost programme. This is a language development programme which we are using in small groups and in our classrooms.





WoW – Wizards of Words

Children from first and second class have read with the wonderful volunteers from the Wizards of Words reading programme since January. The children really enjoyed reading and have benefitted greatly from this. A lovely lunch was held in the parents’ room on the 28th of May to thank teachers, SNAs and volunteers who participated in the programme. We look forward to the WOW graduation celebration with volunteers, families and teachers on the Tuesday, the 16th of June.