The Orchard



This year our three new classes have officially opened in ‘The Orchard’.

In September 2014, St. Ultan’s opened three classes for children with autism (ASD). These classes are called ‘The Orchard’. The Orchard has one pre-school class, one junior class and one senior class.

The Orchard caters for the needs of children with ASD between the ages of 3 and 12. The pupil-teacher ratio in the Unit is 6:1 and pupils are further supported by a minimum of two Special Needs Assistants per class. In The Orchard, inclusion with mainstream peers and activities is sensitively managed and detailed consideration is given to each child’s readiness to engage in an inclusive manner with the mainstream programmes. Parental involvement in the learning and teaching programmes of children with ASDs is imperative in order to foster consistency between all environments for the children. Saint Ultans promotes and facilitates close liaison with parents so that the home and educational environments can complement and reinforce learning. All of the children are busy settling into their new classrooms and getting to know their teachers and SNAs.

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