Origin of the Project
1991 – The project started in response to the needs of a group of children who had been in Day Care in St. Vincent’s Day Nursery in Ballyfermot and who had serious care needs.
1996 – Moved to a rented house in Cherry Orchard.
2006 – Moved into First purpose built building in Ireland.

A Model Of Integrated Care And Education For Cherry Orchard
Saint Ultans is an integrated education and child-care project, operating before, during and after school hours and catering for children from infancy upwards.  The aim is to break the cycle of educational failure that is all too familiar in society in disadvantaged areas.

School Alone Doesn’t Work For Some Children
Many children….

  • Don’t learn
  • Are miserable
  • Misbehave
  • Attend badly
  • Drop out early
  • There is a big problem with.

    • Poor attendance
    • Early school leaving
    • Learning difficulties
    • Behaviour problems
    • Unhappy children

    With intervention at the earliest stage of a child’s life, St. Ultan’s will cater for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all the children.

    The Project contains four integrated components:
    Nursery and Early Childhood Education Unit
    Primary School
    Care facility including in school, before school, after school provisions for children and teenagers up to Leaving Certificate
    Canteen and catering facility available for all children attending St. Ultan’s.

    St. Ultan’s will provide an opportunity for the children of Cherry Orchard to develop the social, emotional and learning skills necessary to succeed in school and in life.


  • Early identification of problems
  • Early intervention
  • Developing habits of order and self discipline
  • Catering for food and hygiene needs
  • Providing an area where children can be withdrawn for extra help and support
  • Working with parents
  • Accessing other services, e.g. medical, dental, speech and language, psychological and psychiatric services etc.
  • Providing after school service open to children in the area who attend other schools.

    The unique nature of the project is that it is a combined approach by Care and Education to provide a continuum of provision from infancy to teenage years.

  • It provides the child with the security of one place where his/her various needs can be met by a team of caring professionals.
  • It provides staff from different disciplines with a unique opportunity to co-operate in creating and monitoring effective multi-disciplinary intervention programmes to meet the child’s needs.
  • It provides the family with an opportunity to engage actively in the welfare and education of the child at all stages of development.