St Ultan’s Amazing Orchestra

St. Ultan’s orchestra was set up in 2009. They have made us so proud on numerous occasions, performing in really prestigious places such as the National Concert Hall and St. Patrick’s Cathedral! The children have enjoyed their recent appearance on national television as part of the four part documentary ‘Music Saves Lives’. Some of the children have also had the great experience of recording a performance in Kylemore College studios.

Now in their third year, the children have upped the ante to include lunch time-practices, after school rehearsals and local performances.

We have expanded our orchestra and some children have graduated from our junior to senior orchestra. Parents are now getting involved and learning both violin and cello. This year we are delighted to introduce double bass, viola, classical guitars and percussion.

We are ever impressed with the children’s dedication and enthusiasm to music.

Here is a performance from the Friday Fidelio Orchestra (20th September, 2013)

“On the 20th of September, 10 people from the Orchestra went to Saint Patrick’s College in Drumcondra to play instruments. I played the violin with five others, two played the clarinet and two others played the cello.

They taught us how to play well and professionally. They also taught us some skills to play better. The workshop was run by three professional musicians, the Fidelio Trio- Darragh Morgan (Violin), Mary Dullea (Piano), Robin Michael (Cello).

We were playing Fainne Gael an Lae and Soldiers march that we learnt last year and Darragh who played the violin taught us how to make it sound interesting. He gave us tips for playing the violin like making sure our little mouse on our hand doesn’t get squashed to keep our violin held correctly. They also did a lot of work on how we as an orchestra can start together without a conductor or counting with breathing and looking at each other.

At the end they played their own piece that was written by a man in South Africa. The piece was fantastic. It was jazzy and everyone loved it.”

– Written by Amaka Nwafor

Here is a Recent performance from the Orchestra in the National Concert Hall (April, 2013)

Watch the children perform Chinese Street Festival In the National Concert Hall (April, 2011) below:

Watch the 2009 RTE Documentary, Music Changes Lives featuring Saint Ultans Primary School below.