Early Education

For children from age three to school enrolment. This unit will cater for pre-school children aged 3 – 4/5 years. It is located between the Toddlers and the Junior Infant Classes. The emphasis here is on developing self-care and school readiness skills, in a more structured manner than in the Toddler Group.

This unit has been designed as three inter-related spaces a free play area, a creative activity area and a quiet area, a type of miniature classroom. The latter will be used as a gentle and phased introduction to the more formal setting of a Junior Infants classroom – an area where children will be introduced to early literacy and numeric skills and learn the essential auditory, visual and motor skills they will need in the junior classes of the Primary School.

With regard to the Nursery and the Early Childhood Education Unit the length of day can be flexible to meet the needs of the individual child. The developmental needs of the child, not chronological age, will determine when a child progresses from unit to unit.

This area will also provide for the parent, an introduction to understanding and valuing education and child development. In consultation with caring, understanding professionals, they will be encouraged to become active partners in their child’s education.

As the school and care unit share the one building, communication will be enhanced and staff from both will be able to exchange knowledge and understanding of the child. In this way there will be a more holistic approach to meeting the child and family’s needs.