St. Ultan’s are now proud members of Recreate, which offers unlimited recycled art materials for the year. Watch this space for 3D art around the school next year!

Artist Appreciation April

This year, we launched an exciting ‘Artist Appreciation April’ competition cross-campus. All classes, from Junior & Senior streams, the Care Unit and the Orchard studied George Seurat’s Pointillism technique. Teachers and children were tasked with demonstrating their study of pointillism and displayed work on their class notice boards. Congratulations to all who worked hard and thanks to our judges, Sue, Ena and John who had the difficult job of deciding on a winner. Well done to Múinteoir Eileen’s class, Múinteoir Lisa’s class and Múinteoir Maria’s class. They are the proud winners of a workshop with the Recreate team on June 16th!

Take a look at the pictures below.

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