Restorative Practice

Restorative Practice is a way of managing conflict and disagreements by making sure everyone gets to tell their side of the story. Using Restorative Practices in Saint Ultans has made huge improvements in how we relate to each other. We resolve conflict and solve problems in a way that is respectful and fair to everyone, making sure that everyone is heard. RP is central to our ethos being a core part of everyday life in Saint Ultans for all children, parents and staff.


RP Buddies

We are delighted to announce our new RP Buddy team. Our new recruits recently completed their two day training course with Múinteoir Aoife and Múinteoir Ann Marie. Each child went through a tough application and interview process to get a place on the team. We are also really lucky that the children who were trained last year offered to be mentors to our new recruits. All the RP Buddies are now working in teams of three on the playground one day a week and are really enjoying their new roles of responsibility.

“RP Buddies don’t tell you what to do, they just help you to find solutions to a problem!”

Best of luck to our 6th class RP Buddies who are moving on to Secondary School. Thanks for all your help! We will miss you!