In St. Ultans, Sport is hugely important. Teachers and staff provide a wide range of sports afterschool clubs for the children.
They include
• Mini-sports
• Soccer
• Basketball
• Gaelic Football
• Athletics
• Boxing

Boxing began in St Ultans in 2011. Múinteoir Rob and Múinteoir Brian knew the benefits of boxing and the many rewards it would bring to a community. Oisin Fagan a Boxing Development Officer from IABA/DCC was contacted and we haven’t looked back since.

Boxing is a misunderstood activity but the facts are there for people to see. It’s Ireland’s most successful Olympic sport. It’s a sport with a unique identification with marginalized sections of the community. A sport with a multi-ethnical appeal. The only sport where Travellers perpetually feature on the local, national and international stage.

Oisin, Rob and Brian run the programme over an 11 week period. The programme is split into 3 periods:

Bronze – Fun based, non-contact, inclusive introductory boxing programme. Specifically targets those with little or no experience in boxing

Silver – Second phase for those who have completed the Bronze programme and who are willing and able to continue in a more advanced boxing programme

Gold – Third phase for those who have completed the Silver programme and who have shown the ability to spar and compete. And finally there is a showcase event in the National Boxing Stadium for the children to show off the skills they have learnt. The Showcase Event is free to attend and will be on before Christmas.

What are the benefits for the children?

  • • Learn new skills
  • • Improve fitness levels
  • • Fights obesity
  • • Increases self-confidence, self-esteem
  • • Challenge participants to work to their potential
  • • Builds relationships of respect and trust
  • • Encourages sportsmanship and self-discipline
  • • Promotes psychological well being
  • • Reduces stress and anxiety

The Cherry Orchard Community Centre next to the school now run their own boxing programmes and many children that attend St Ultan’s are part of that programme. Boxing in our community continues to grow. Whose knows? One day we might have Olympic champions like John Joe Nevin and Katie Taylor.
Athletics takes place after school every Tuesday. Athletics’ events include Sprinting, Long distance running, Jumping and Throwing. The children in this club are training for The Santry Athletics Competition in June where they will compete against children from other schools and have done very well the past two years.

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Gaelic Football:
Gaelic Football is our busiest club! We now have a Junior, Senior and Girls Gaelic Football club.
The senior boys team entered the Go-Games Competition last year for the first time. They also had the amazing opportunity to take part in their first blitz in Ireland’s biggest Stadium, Croke Park.
Recently, Múinteoir Emma’s girls got ladies football underway in St. Ultan’s. Girls now train each Thursday from 2.30 to 3.30.


Mini sports is an after school for the senior infant classes. This after school is focused on games that are fun and imaginative. The games range from working on gross and fine motors skills to dodging games. At this age is essential that the children are aware of their surroundings and of themselves, therefore a lot of the games played on a Monday and Wednesday are based on physical space and development. This after school is full of energy and learning. The students get to learn teamwork and self confidence through mini games/sport.
Along with these mini sports these classes also participate in GAA football on a Friday with Leo to learn about the skills and rules of our native game.
From November 12th 2012 first and second class have been involved in after school soccer where they are leaning the basics of soccer along with having fun. Every Monday first class attend soccer and are really eager to learn all about the sport. On Wednesday’s second class attend soccer and are progressing very well in their skills and knowledge of the game of soccer. This class isn’t new to this after school as they participated last year and we can clearly see that they have learned a lot about the sport and are getting ready for the school team in the next few years.
Close to Easter our senior end of the school will be gearing up for competition in the FAI schools league. Carrying on after our rookie year last year we are aiming to add to plenty more goals and wins from last year. Trails will be held around Easter and our team will be travelling to other schools around Dublin competing at a high standard. At the same time as the senior team gets ready we will have our girls 5 a side team also competing in the annual FAI tournament in ringsend. Our “Saint Ultans angels” have learned a lot from last year’s competition and we hope to really compete with the big schools this year.


2013 has seen the continued growth and development of Gaelic Games in St. Ultan’s. For the first time ever, the school entered three codes of the Cumann na mBunscoil; a Senior boys team, a Senior girls team and a Junior boys team. This comes just three years after St. Ultan’s fielded their first ever Gaelic football team. The Senior boys made their debut in the competition this year, playing four matches and the boys put in some fine performances. The Girl’s team and junior boy’s team registered a number of victories and with many of this year’s players eligible to play in next year’s competitions, it bodes well for the future of Gaelic football in the school.

The upcoming terms see the introduction of Hurling into the school with the aim of entering competition the following year. However, this is not the only new GAA sport to be introduced to the school this year. Earlier this month an indoor handball wall was constructed in the school hall. The fast paced game which is easily accessible to all children is sure to be a favourite with all the children.

All of this considered, with continued support, encouragement and hard work, there should be some silverware making its way to St. Ultan’s in the not too distant future. Finally, thanks to all the parents and supporters who turned out to cheer on St. Ultan’s, it makes such a difference!